Making a Colorful Statement in Your Log Home

Using color in your log home sounds simple – of course there’s color in your home – but it’s how you use color that will really enhance the beauty already found there. There are a multitude of ways to exemplify the natural beauty of your log home by using color in thoughtful and specific ways. From kitchen cabinets to accent walls, lets uncover some great ways to add more color in your world!

Pop of Color

It’s a phrase I keep hearing related to design and aesthetic. The rustic Real Log Home bathroom (below) allows the beauty of the wood to do much of the work here. The indigo blue accessories and counter vase add wonderful pops of color against the log wall, antique finished cabinets and claw foot tub.

Accent Walls

Accent walls can create the illusion of space by drawing your eye to the point of color. In the Real Log Home hallway shown below, the home owner chose a cheerful green to display at the end of the balcony. The effect creates depth and interest and helps to display the beautiful custom Adirondack-style railings.

Bold Patterns

When you think of color in your home, you can’t overlook how much life a great pattern can add to a room. In the photo below, we actually have dual patterns working together to create a visual masterpiece! The boldness of the rug paired with the patterned wallpaper makes this dining area a joy to walk in to.

We can’t forget about bedrooms when it comes to adding color! I love the patchwork patterned comforter and window treatments here.

Colorful Kitchens

The log home kitchen (below) demonstrates that you can use your decorations to add splashes of color in your beautiful kitchen. I love the way this kitchen plays up all things blue! The candlesticks, tiled floor and framed photograph adds an array of different shades, shapes and styles.

The log home kitchen below is one of my absolute favorites! There’s something about red stained cabinets that really take this kitchen to a whole new level of fun! I love the way the color offsets the wood and allows the sun to do its job by enhancing the beautiful cabinets.

We hope we’ve helped to inspire some colorful choices in your log home! If you have questions about any of the log homes featured here, contact us at directly at [email protected], call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.

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