Real Log Cabins: The Perfect Getaway

All Real Log Cabin models are designed for one bathroom, a kitchen and dining/living area and at least one bedroom. From this starting point, the models range from the 432 sq. ft. Liberty to the spacious 1,136 sq. ft. Cavendish. If you desire a small cabin with a full-width porch, check out the Trailblazer. Although it measures a cozy 480 sq. ft., it features two bedrooms and a generous open living and dining area.  If you like this floor plan but feel you need just a bit more space, then you can configure the Trailblazer with an optional 200 sq. ft. loft.

At Real Log Homes, we make houses for year-round use, with standard floor plans ranging from the 1,152 sq. ft. Rockville to the 3,448 sq. ft. Stonington and custom floor plans tailored to your personal preferences. If you are looking for a smaller house to serve as anything from a hunting lodge to a ski retreat, consider our line of Real Log Cabins. These six floor plans convey all the benefits of a Real Log Home in a smaller and less expensive package.

The Champlain floor plan is spacious, but still compact enough to be considered a cabin.

If you like that full-width porch look but need even more space, then check out the spacious 1,092 sq. ft. Champlain cabin. Its greater floor space allows for a large great room and kitchen, a spacious bathroom with space for a tub, and a very generous 410 square foot loft to suit all your getaway needs.

The Voyager is a mid-sized cabin plan perfect for short vacations and hunting trips alike.

If the Champlain is a bit too big for your cabin dreams and the Trailblazer isn’t quite your style, then perhaps the 552 sq. ft. Voyager cabin will meet your needs. The outline of this cabin is a classic rectangle, with the more subtle porch within this outline. Inside, there are two bedrooms and a living space that is well-defined from the kitchen. There are large closets in the master bedroom and off the kitchen, making this the perfect model for longer getaways.

Are you interested in build your own cabin getaway?  You can call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below and request the floor plans and information about these fun, classic and quick to build cabins.  And, if you are interested in building a cabin, or simply like the idea, leave us a comment and let us know where you’d like to build and how you’d use your dream cabin.

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