Summer Time and these Log Home Kitchens are Hot

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the real heart of a home.  People go to great lengths to make the kitchen feel welcoming and stylish while still maintaining the basic function of food preparation and storage.  Over the years, we’ve seen kitchen styles come and go.  (After all, Real Log Homes has been around since 1963)

So we do remember when linoleum was the “it” material, and we remember when laminate counter tops were en vogue.  We know full well that styles are ever changing and many styles and materials fade in and out of popularity in an almost rhythmic cycle.  And what one homeowner loves, might leave another cold.

With that in mind, we want to share some of our favorite kitchens to highlight the wide variety of styles and looks you can use in your own log home (and ones we think are pretty darn hot right now):

This wonderful kitchen has one of our favorite features; a farm sink.  The wide porcelain basin has a down home comfort and a simple elegance.  As a bonus, farm sinks provide a lot of space for washing veggies, or the dreaded task of washing dishes.

Log Home Kitchen With Antique Stove

This log home kitchen has an antique stove which has shown to be very popular as of late.  Whether it is a cherished family heirloom, a treasured antique auction victory, or even a new model designed to look like an old fashioned stove (which you can read up on here:, this look is pretty hot right now.

Log Home Kitchen with Colorful Cabinets

This kitchen illustrates the concept of colorful cabinetry.  There is no rule that says cabinets need to be wood-toned or shades of white.  If you love cadet blue, why not make the cabinets cadet blue?  This particular shade contrasts so well with the warmth of the logs and the tile used here really bridges the gap with both cool slate colors and mottled warm tones.  A great place to envision what paint colors will look like is at Benjamin Moore’s website using their design a room app. 

Modern Style Log Home Kitchen

This log home kitchen shows that you can truly have a modern style in a traditional log home.  The sleek line of the countertop provides a long clean look.  The cabinets are also flat without any ornate details or raised paneling.  Fun drop pendant lighting in bright shades of glass add an element of fun without bringing any clutter to this modern log home kitchen.  Their whimsical curve is echoed below with the quarter-circle breakfast bar feature with custom slate inlay.

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