Log Home Stain – A Touch of Gray

Log Home Stain – A Touch of Gray


A look at different log home stain options, from traditional to modern

When most people imagine the typical log home or log cabin, they no doubt picture the logs in some shade of brown similar to the natural wood color (like the log cabin shown at left).  And while log home stains in natural shades of brown continue to be the predominant choice for log homeowners, shades of gray have become more and more popular over the years.  Here are four examples of log homes which are finished in various shades of gray log home stain.

Energy Star® Log Home in Vermont

energy star vermont log home

This log home, built in Vermont, achieved the highest Energy Star® rating possible.  An excellent log home package, combined with smart choices in window selection and appliances made this accomplishment possible.  As you can see in the photo, the homeowners also selected a log home stain in a shade of gray.  This stain happens to be a semi-translucent stain, so the wood grain and knots are visible through the gray finish.

Massachusetts Log Home

Massachusetts log home with gray log home stain

This log home was built by a dentist, and includes some unusual details for a log home.  The wood on the interior is finished in a bright, natural finish and the backyard has a gorgeous custom pool.  On the outside, this log home is finished in a lovely shade of gray.  This log home stain is opaque, and none of the knots or grain are visible through this finish.  The light gray color blends nicely with the granite and crushed stone used in the landscaping, and the modern black trim of the windows and front door.

Arkansas Log Home

Arkansas log home with gray log home stain

This log home uses an interesting combination of log home stain and trim colors.  The log home stain is a light gray finish, and the window trim and metal roof are in shades of dusty, gray-blue.  The combination looks very classic. 

New Jersey Log Home

New Jersey log home with gray log home stain

This log home embraces a unique shape, and a unique log home stain.  The finish is a warm gray with very little transparency.  Only a hint of the knots and grain of the logs show through.  The warm undertone of the gray log home stain looks nice next to the natural wood color of the deck and balcony.

So with log home staining season right around the corner, we hope we’ve inspired you to think beyond the brown and realize there are more log home stain colors to consider.  If you have any questions about the products used on these log homes or questions about building your own log home, call 1-800 REAL LOG (732-5564) or email [email protected].

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