Window Choices for Your Log Home

Window Choices for Your Log Home

A log home has a very unique and charming aesthetic and it’s important that the chosen windows match the home’s look and feel.  It is now easier than ever to find windows that have the right look, feel, material and color to match your style.  With so many companies, and so many styles, though, it can be a bit overwhelming.  We have partnered with 2 brands for our homes, Andersen® and Marvin®, and each have different lines to meet your style and budget needs. We feel these brands offer our customers choices and help ensure an easy time selecting the highest quality windows for your home. This posting will specifically discuss the Andersen 400 series.

Why The Andersen® 400 Series?

andersen window hardware in satin nickel

The 400 Series is regarded as the most popular line of windows and doors from Andersen, the brand rated by builders and remodelers as the most durable, most weathertight, highest quality and easiest to install.  After years of installing these windows in our log homes, we agree, and it still remains the most popular choice by our customers.

Andersen® 400 Series windows and doors provide a classic blend of engineering and craftsmanship, featuring extensive sizes, shapes, styles and colors. Each is available with a full array of options and accessories to make them feel right at home in your log home.  Here are some of the styles and options we think are great for log homes and help make Andersen® one of our preferred partners.

Double-Hung Windows

andersen 400 series double hung window

These windows are the traditional choice for most of our homes and are typically a little less costly than casement windows, though depending on hardware choices and finishing, costs can vary.  Many people like the look and easy operation of a double-hung window.  It’s quick to open and close, no cranking required. Keep in mind that even though they often cost a bit less, at most a double-hung window can only open half of the window, while a casement can open up much more airflow.

This log home dining room has double-hung windows which look out to a rural Vermont landscape.

Casement Windows

andersen 400 series casement window

Casement windows allow for more air flow, and also can allow for more visibility.  These benefits often come with a slightly higher cost.  However, many times a casement window just makes sense for the room.  The locking mechanism on a casement window is often much more robust than a double-hung which can mean added security (something to think about for the first-floor windows in particular.)  Rooms that are designed as sun porches are also great for casement windows as they can really let the breeze flow in.

log home sun porch

Awning Windows


Another popular style is the awning window, which is often used in bathrooms and over kitchen sinks. Awning windows let air in while keeping the elements out since the glass, when open, acts as a roof to protect the interior from getting wet. They are also often used up high to leave open in warmer weather, helping vent upper ceiling areas.

Log home dining room

The exterior window colors available from Andersen® for the 400 series also provide five options of colors that are natural and blend extremely well with a log home:


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