A Warm Welcome Home

A farmer’s porch is simply an open, street facing porch with a covered deck. It’s a warm welcome regardless of if the house is in the mountains of Colorado or the trees of Oregon. Farmer’s porches lend themselves to be appreciated by homeowners in all different styles of Log Homes.

This Gambrel style log home is a fine example of how a wraparound farmer’s porch can open up a home to its natural surroundings. The homeowners wanted the porch to be accessible from many different rooms in order to take in the beauty surrounding them.

And what a view it is! There’s something so ideal about a Real Log Home nestled in the mountains. This Montana homes’ farmer’s porch is beckoning us to stop working so hard and enjoy the scenery.

A farmer’s porch isn’t just used for relaxing, though. This farmer’s porch in Vermont is adorned with fall foliage and uses the base of the porch to display impeccably manicured shrubs and flowers.

A hot cup of cider with a good book would be a perfect way to spend a crisp fall day on this farmer’s porch!


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