Bring Some Color to Your Log Home

When spring comes around and your favorite décor magazines are full of their top picks for summer, it’s easy to want to bring a fresh new pop of color to your home.  For many, though, the thought of a color makeover can lead to doubt, nerves and all out panic.  Well that’s okay, we’ve got the right ideas for you, no matter how bold or how risk averse you are.  And the wonderful thing about a log home is that it’s the perfect canvas for all your color concoctions. We’ll start nice and easy.

Throw Pillows

Nothing says fun like a bright new set of throw pillows in your new favorite must have hue.  Not only are they inexpensive, they’re also easy to swap if you decide a month later than lime green really isn’t for you.

Area Rugs

log home dining room with bright blue rug

A bit more investment than throw pillows, area rugs are the next step up when it comes to color commitment.  But, just like throw pillows, they are also pretty simple to swap out if you change your mind.  The only difficult part can be moving all the furniture around to get the new rug in place.  Furniture arranging best practices say you should never let your furniture ‘float away’ from the rug.  Keep the furniture ‘grounded’ to the rug by making sure at least two legs are sitting on the rug.


modern log home with lime green wall

There is more commitment when it comes to the time and effort to swap colors on walls.  But, still, it’s a relatively low risk and small investment way to bring color to your home.  Sure you have to move the furniture, tape your edges, unscrew the light switches and put down drop cloths – but it can still be swapped out over a long weekend if you change your mind – so don’t panic about going bold!


log home great room with stone fireplace

Swapping furniture is more costly than a few cans of paint and supplies.  That’s why it’s the next step up in color commitment.  Granted, the actual physical act of swapping the furniture out is quick enough, but to buy a new set, or to have an existing set of furniture re-upholstered is quite costly.  So, if you’re not quite sure about the color but want to do some experimenting with the color of your furniture, it’s best to start with something small like an accent chair or even an ottoman.


log home kitchen with red cabinets

Finally, cabinetry may be one of the boldest interior color choices for your log home.  It’s not so easy to paint cabinets as they have moving parts, hardware, recessed nooks and curves.  A bad paint job can be very noticeable on a cabinet as they are handled up close and at eye level with light that reflects at many different angles.  DIY work is very labor intensive and painstaking.  So, if you’re in the mood for bold cabinets make sure you’re certain on the color before making the commitment.

Overall, we think you should embrace the colors that make you feel good and make them a part of your log home.  Whether you’d like to test things out with some throw pillows or jump right into the world of walls and cabinets we’re all for it.  If you’d like to send us your best before and after shots to show how you brought color to your home – we’d love to showcase them.  Just leave us a comment here or post your photos on our Facebook page.

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