All About Dormers

All About Dormers

Dormers are a popular way to add usable space to a home, and they are as popular on log homes as any other style of home. The root of dormer is actually the Latin dormitorium, since lofts were common sleeping locations in early homes. While we have featured several homes with dormers, we felt a more in depth look at the various styles of dormers was in order. Here are the most popular styles used in log home construction.

Gabled Dormers

Without a doubt, the gabled dormer is the most popular choice in log home dormers, as it is in all homes. Many styles of log homes use this dormer, and it is especially popular in traditional farmhouse designs. Sometimes these are referred to as “dog-house dormers”, due to their appearance.

In some homes, like this Real Log Home in Montana, the central dormer above the main entrance is larger than the adjacent dormers. This helps define the entrance to the home, as well as provide a pleasing variation in the roofline.

Shed Dormers

A shed dormer has a flat roof, but it has a shallower slope than the rest of the roof. It gets its name due to the fact that many sheds have similar style roofs. This style of dormer is perhaps the easiest to construct, so it can be the least expensive for the space it provides. In general, shed dormers provide more headroom than gable dormers and are frequently used when much additional space is desired.

Hipped Dormers

A hipped dormer is constructed very similarly to a hipped roof, in that all sides slope downward to the walls. This means the style is similar to a gabled dormer but it has a third, front facing roof section. While hipped formers frequently are used in conjunction with hipped roofs, they can also lend a hint of craftsman charm to any home.

Eyebrow Dormers

This unique style of dormer uses a curved roof section that looks like a raised eyebrow. Due to its curved structure, it is more expensive to build. It is very common in regions where shingle-style homes are popular. Frequently, this style of dormer is used to create a unique window at the top of the floor without adding much floor space.

While there are other styles of dormers, these are the most popular choices on log homes. If you have a favorite dormer style that you’d like to incorporate into your dream log home, please call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.

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