Bright Decor Choices for Winter

Bright Decor Choices for Winter

While the cold winter weather outside can be taxing, the interior of a log home is always a wonderful place to be. The log walls have warming effect, both from their natural appearance and due to their thermal mass. And what better place to spend a cold winter night than in front of a log home fireplace! Even with these great attributes, there are a few décor choices you can make during winter that will keep your log home feeling bright and warm throughout the winter season. Here are a few of our favorite choices.

Keep Indoor Plants

When the plants outside have long since lost all their greenery, maintaining indoor plants creates a much warmer feeling space. Green house plants will engender thoughts of the warmer months while simultaneously freshening the air within the home. Plants with brightly colored flowers will especially help create a cheerful atmosphere.

Concentrate Furniture

With a large great room to fill, you may be tempted to space your chairs and couches far from one another. While this arrangement works in the summer months, the large spacing can make the space feel colder than it is. Fix this issue by moving your furniture closer together, preferably surrounding your hearth or other focal area. With your furniture, and family members and guests, sitting closer to one another the room will feel much more vibrant and warm.

Hang Additional Mirrors

The lower amounts of light during winter also contribute to feeling cold. Large mirrors will reflect light back into the room, causing the room to look brighter and feel warmer. Any large wall is a great place for a decorative mirror, as is the space above the fireplace on a large chimney.

Use Brighter Window Treatments

In the summer, window shades are not only decorative, but also functional in keeping out unwanted light. Once winter rolls around, however, consider changing out your shades for lighter and brighter fabrics. This way, your shades can provide decoration and privacy, while still allowing in as much natural light from outside as possible.

We hope these ideas for bright winter decorating have been helpful. If you are looking to build a log home, the ultimate choice for a warm winter home, please call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.

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