Bringing Curves to the Log Home

In buildings, rectilinear designs are by far the most common. This is primarily due to costs since it is much cheaper to build a straight feature than a curved one. However, curved features are nice to have since they can be very visually pleasing. But how do you incorporate curved features into a log home, which is built from straight timbers? We feel that this Hinesburg, VT Real Log home offers many great examples of how to use curved design elements in the log home.

From the outside of the home, you immediately get the impression that this is no ordinary log home. First, the use of Swedish Cope logs, with their large and circular profile, immediately hints at the other curved elements in the home. While the wall corners use the same saddle notch treatment as most Swedish Cope homes, the log ends are not sawn parallel to the corner. Instead, the log ends are sawn in an arc that leaves the least material in the middle of the wall and most material top and bottom. The end result looks very fluid despite the obviously straight logs.

The curved motif continues in the garage area. The garage doors all have arched top sections, and a porte-cochère utilizes a completely circular archway through the building. Inside, the curved elements that are used could also be applied in many other homes if desired. A spiral staircase leads between the two floors, again breaking up the linear feeling that would otherwise be present.

In the great room, the woodstove is housed in a unique, modern setting. While the steel chimney is fairly standard, the stove’s rock housing is rounded and natural, in contrast with the stout and square brick and stone fireplaces that are most common. Even the sectional couch is of a circular design, enhancing the rounded feel of the home.

In the kitchen, we find even more curved design elements. The island, which houses the stove, has a raised counter behind it which also has a curved top piece. There is also informal kitchen seating attached to this island, by the way of a table in the shape of a quarter ring. Even the pendant lights above use a curved rail that fits in perfectly in the room. The dining table, with its round shape and rectilinear inlay, is a perfect complement to the home’s design.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the Hinesburg log home and the ways in which even log homes can have curves. If you’re interested in this plan, or any other of our custom log homes, please call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information!

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