Ceiling Selection for the Log Home

Ceiling Selection for the Log Home
When designing a stick-built home, the ceiling is often an afterthought. Since we do not often focus our attention on the ceiling it is easy to ignore, but ceiling design can greatly influence the feel of a room. This is an issue which is especially important to consider in a log home. While wood ceilings may seem like a logical extension to a log home’s character, drywall ceilings can help make a space feel more homey. Here is a guide for designing ceilings to work best with your log home’s design.  So let’s keep looking up.

Wood Ceilings

​Using wooden boards for the ceiling is a very popular choice, since this selection compliments the appearance of log construction. However, wooden board ceilings will tend to make a space feel more enclosed vs a drywall or plaster ceiling. For this reason, it is a great choice for a cathedral-ceilinged great room, since it allows for the grand entertaining space without making the room feel too open or overly exposed. A wood ceiling in a great room, or grand log home kitchen made for entertaining can make the space feel grand yet intimate.

The type of board you select will also affect the atmosphere of the room. Ceiling boards range in width from four to ten inches; larger boards will have a more rustic feel while narrow boards will feel more modern. Ceiling boards also have different edge profiles, featuring square, beveled or V edges. Square boards will tend to blend into one another while V-edge boards will stand out, with beveled edge boards falling somewhere in between.

Drywall or Plaster Ceilings

If you are designing a space with a lower ceiling, like a bedroom (or like the above kitchen), then drywall or plaster ceilings may be more appropriate. These materials can help maintain a cozy feeling without making you feel too enclosed. Plaster has a texture that can be highly appealing, but it is also more expensive to install than drywall. If you desire to paint your ceiling a color other than white, then you should adjust the color based on the ceiling height. Ceilings under nine feet tall should be painted a few shades lighter than the wall color, while taller ceilings should be a few shades darker. Since these darker ceilings will reflect less light, you should also increase lighting in the room to compensate.

Hybrid Designs

If you want to maintain a wooden charm in a room while keeping it cozy, then you can use a ceiling which combines wooden elements with plaster or drywall. One popular choice is a tray ceiling, which features a recessed area of ceiling. By constructing the ceiling with drywall but decorating the transition with wood, you can create the perfect blend of styles.

If you have any questions about the various ceiling or design options for a log home, then please contact the team at Real Log Homes to learn more.

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