Extending Real Log Style to Bathroom Design

Extending Real Log Style to Bathroom Design

Like any other home, a log home does not truly feel like home until it is decorated to your own personal tastes. Usually, the kitchen and great rooms are the focus of attention when it comes to interior decorating. After the public rooms, the bedrooms are also an easy space to decorate and tend to see a lot of attention. The bathroom, however, is a more difficult room to decorate due to its high humidity and smaller spaces. Here are a few ideas for decorating this oft overlooked room.

For the walls of a bathroom, wood paneling is a great choice in the log home. Plaster and drywall are also great choices, but should be painted rather than using wallpaper due to the humidity. Since the bathroom should be a calming place, a subdued color palate is recommended here.

Lighting in a bathroom has many of the same challenges found in the kitchen. In other rooms, stand-alone or table lamps are an effective and attractive choice. In the bathroom, however, the confined space means that wall and ceiling-mounted lighting is a necessity. These lights do not need to be boring! You can find sconces and pendant lights to fit any style, and chandelier lighting is also possible in a bathroom with higher ceilings. For an added relaxing touch, put all lights on dimmer switches for a great evening bath experience.

Since the bathtub will likely be the largest fixture in the room, concentrate on incorporating it into your decoration style rather than decorating around it. If your house has an old farmhouse aesthetic, the simple claw foot soaker tub can complement this style. If your home has a more modern feel, then perhaps a tub framed in slate is appropriate.

The smooth-top double vanity is the standard bathroom sink these days, and supported by an appropriate cabinet it can fit in quite nicely in the log home bathroom. Since the sink is also a center of focus in the room, perhaps a more unique pedestal is in order. A sink pedestal made of a tree trunk is one way to keep your design flowing throughout the bathroom.

While you can hang some pictures or artwork in a bathroom, your linens provide a great canvas on which to express your decorating style. Whether your style is rustic or whimsical, your towels are a design statement that will be seen and felt by your guests.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this discussion of some design choices for the bathroom. If you have ideas for your ideal log home bathroom or would like to get started designing your entire log home, please call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.

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