Planning Your Log Home Space

Planning Your Log Home Space

Back in July, we wrote about the sizes of various rooms in the average home. While it can help to know, for instance, that the average master bedroom in a house built today is 309 square feet, it is still hard to visualize how a large bed will fit in this space. Although many furnishings like chairs and couches can be purchased to be the right size for a room, some large items need a certain dedicated amount of space. Here are some large items frequently found within the home and how much space you need to accommodate them.

King Sized Bed

Anyone who has upgraded from a queen sized bed to a king will tell you that the extra 16 inches of width makes a world of difference. If you are or are married to a sprawling sleeper, or you have canine companions who somehow make their way into bed during the night, then this extra space can make the difference between a great night’s sleep and a red-eyed morning. Unfortunately, this additional width means your room may need to be larger as well.

​While the king sized bed measures 80 inches long by 76 inches wide, you should add about 8 inches on all sides to accommodate the frame. If you have an especially large headboard or footboard, you may need to add more. Then, you should allow 30 inches of space on all sides (except the head) for making and using the bed. (This is the same size as a standard doorway.) Adding these figures together, you need 12 feet by 10 feet of space just for a king sized bed. If you have furniture like dressers in the room, you need to add their required space before finding the total room size.

Pool Table

A pool table can be a great way to relax with friends, but they are real space hogs. A regulation pool table is 9 feet by 4.5 feet, quite large by itself. To this size you need to add the length of the pool cue on all sides of the table. Since a standard pool cue is 58 inches long, this means you need 18 feet by 14 feet of free space for a regulation pool table. If you have restricted space, a 7 feet by 3.5 feet “bar” table can help save space, or shorter cues can be used.

Dining Table

While dining tables vary in size, you need to leave enough room for you and your guests to seat themselves and egress comfortably. If the space near a table will not have other foot traffic, then 3 feet of space from the edge of the table is enough room for comfortable dining. Thus, if your dining table is 3 feet wide, a 9 foot wide room is enough space for your table. If the walkway along one side of the table has frequent foot traffic, then up to 5 feet of space is appropriate.

If you would like to work with a fantastic team to design a log home with plenty of space for all of your valued items, then don’t hesitate to contact the design department at Real Log Homes with any questions.  In no time, you could find yourself dining in your log home at your large dining table, playing a relaxing game of pool and retiring to your king bed for the night.  With proper planning and smart design it can all be accommodated in style and real log comfort.


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