Illinois Log Home Brings Real Log Style to Christmas Decorating

Illinois Log Home Brings Real Log Style to Christmas Decorating

With Christmas only a week and a half away, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get your Christmas decorations in order. While you can decorate a log home just as you would any home, there are certain features in the log home that call out for attention when decorating for the holidays. When we began writing this post, one Real Log Home immediately came to mind, a home located in Godfrey, Illinois. The owners certainly had a knack for Christmas decorating and the pictures illustrate the unique ways you can decorate this season.

Looking at the front of this log home, you are immediately drawn to the large posts supporting roof over the front porch. These massive supports command the viewer’s attention, and make a great place to decorate as well. Since the wood posts have a natural appearance, running a garland around the post like a vine only seems appropriate. The large bows where the cross member meets the posts provides a pop of red color against the otherwise green decorations. As you enter the home you are flanked by two small trees, lit at night.

The focus of a log home is typically the fireplace, and this home is no exception. During the holidays, people will tend to congregate near the fireplace, so you should also concentrate your decorating efforts in this area. The mantle is a natural place to start your decorating, as well as the only place to hang your stockings. Here, even the mounted deer are in the Christmas spirit, with each supporting a wreath. The red and green candy is a must for the chocoholic decorator.

Looking back from the great room is a loft space. The wood railing is a perfect place for decorations that create holiday cheer without cluttering the space. The garland used here has a natural arch shape that compliments the straight timbers of the log home.

Even up in the loft space the decorations are well done. There is garland hanging from the stairwell railing that decorates while still allowing use of the handrail. Bows at the top of the stairs complement the railing, while a decorated tree (the second in the house!) has children’s toys below. In this house Santa apparently has claws, given the red-capped bears throughout the home.

You can see even more photos of the beautiful decorations in this REAL Log Home on our website, including more “Santa Bears,” the Christmas tree in the great room, and the exterior Christmas lights at night. Please call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information on how you can create our own dream log home.

Happy decorating!

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