Iron Details in the Log Home

Iron Details in the Log Home

Two weeks ago, we discussed how the metal roof is a great choice for the log home. While metal (usually steel or copper) roofing is a good choice on the outside of the home, the inside of a log home is also a great canvas for metal accents. Usually, cast or wrought iron is the metal of choice on the inside. These metals have a rugged appearance that fits right in with the log home character. Here are a few ways these metals are used around the log home.

Wrought iron has inclusions within it that are very fibrous, which gives the iron a grain resembling that of wood. This helps explain why it is such a popular material choice for balusters in the log home. While wood is also a popular choice, metal balusters can help lend a more modern feel to the home. Wrought iron can also help give a more open feel to a staircase when used as a banister (which is just a specific term for a baluster on a staircase).

Wrought iron is also a popular choice for furniture items throughout the log home. Since wrought iron was once a popular building material but now sees little use, most of these items are made with reclaimed or recycled iron. Most fire irons are wrought iron, and it is also a popular material for everything from barstools to pot racks.

If you’re going to have a wrought iron pot rack, it only makes sense to use it to hold a cast iron pan or Dutch oven. Despite its antique appearance, cast iron cookware has many advantages over more modern cookware. It retains heat very well, which is great for searing and simmering. It is also non-stick if it is seasoned properly, although some care should be taken with cleaning, and you should avoid acidic foods. For a more modern option, consider enameled cast iron cookware, which is easier to clean and works with acidic foods.

Since iron is a great material for hot locations, woodstoves and inserts are often made with cast iron as well. Since early chandeliers held candles, fire-proof iron was a popular choice here as well. While a modern chandelier uses electric light, wrought iron is still a popular choice for chandeliers in the log home.

Do you like the look of iron in the interior of a log home? Whatever materials you like, we would be happy to design and build a log home just for you. Please call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.

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