Kitchen Appliances Old and New

Kitchen Appliances Old and New

Although the march of technology may sometimes make it feel as if everything is changing quickly, some items we use every day have changed very little over the years. One such category of items is kitchen appliances like ovens and ranges. The gas range has been relatively unchanged in function for 150 years, while electric resistance ranges are also over 100 years old. Even seemingly new technologies like induction cooking have been available to the home cook for about 40 years. As a result, the choice of major kitchen appliances is driven more by personal taste than any modern functionality. Whatever your taste in appliances, a log home is the perfect backdrop for your dream kitchen.

Before gas and electricity were available, cooking was conducted using primarily wood as a fuel source. From the late 18th to 19th centuries, a woodstove was a common sight in the kitchen. These stoves could be quite ornate, and would typically have a firebox on one side, a large oven on the other, and a range cooktop above. Since dedicated woodstoves were often used for home heating, these kitchen wood stoves became focused on cooking tasks.

Many log homeowners use these stoves in their kitchens for a touch of historic charm. Many companies refurbish these stove/ovens and convert them to run on gas. These ovens can be placed between kitchen cabinets similarly to any other home oven. Homeowners seeking ultimate authenticity can continue to run these stoves off wood, but greater clearances must be observed. Often, homeowners who have a woodstove oven also keep a more modern gas or electric oven and range in the kitchen as well.

At the other extreme, many homeowners today opt for commercial-style appliances. These ranges, ovens and other appliances are invariably made of stainless steel and are typically larger than traditional home appliances. Occasionally, people select this style when they desire appliances that are only available as commercial products, like salamanders or built-in deep fryers. Usually, though, this is simply an aesthetic choice that also allows for larger, more numerous burners. While this style lacks the antique charm of a wood stove, it can be a great fit for the log homeowner who wants to add a more modern look.

Between these extremes, high quality home appliances are the go-to choice. While stainless appliances were standard not too long ago, they no longer have the stranglehold on the kitchen they once did. Whether your appliances are a classic black or bright red or blue, you can be sure they will look great in the log home kitchen.

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