Lakeland Log Homes Model Home in Minnesota

While log homes can look great on paper, to truly appreciate their nature you need to experience one in person. Given the huge scale of the logs, no drawing can make you feel the sense of awe you get from living in a Real Log Home. For this reason, many of our Independent Representatives have model log homes that they use to show off the features of a REAL™ Log Home. Here is a look at one of those model log homes.

This is the model home for Lakeland Log Homes, located in Osakis, Minnesota. It is derived from the Crystal Lake standard plan (and different from the similarly sized Lakeland found here). The logs used are the standard contour profile. The most striking feature of the outside is the large kingpost truss that supports the roof over the porch area. Although this is among the simplest of truss designs, it is quite impressive when executed with full-round logs.

Stepping inside, we find a small sitting area and then immediately enter the kitchen. The U-shaped workspace provides plenty of room to work, with the range set at a diagonal at one of the corners of the kitchen. There is also bar seating here for informal dining. The dining room nearby is partly enclosed, marking it as a slightly more formal space removed from the kitchen and great room.

The great room features a massive stone fireplace, flanked on each side by windows. The room also has a cathedral ceiling overhead with very massive log rafters and beams. The great room also provides access to the loft space over the kitchen and dining rooms. The spiral log staircase providing this access is yet another display of the fine craftsmanship possible in a log home. The loft space is used as an office, but due to its large size it could easily be divided into multiple rooms including additional bedrooms.

In the wing of the home, a short hallway separates the master bedroom from the public areas. This hallway also provides access to a laundry room and half bathroom. The master suite features a walk-in closet and ensuite with a separate tub and shower. The master bedroom also has a private deck secluded between the home and the garage.

We hope this plan has shown you more of the possibilities possible with a Real Log Home. To get started with your log home project, please call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information!

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