Little Details That Log Homes Get Just Right

Little Details That Log Homes Get Just Right

We’ve spent a fair share of this blog’s space covering the most desirable features for newly constructed homes. Some items, like large eat-in kitchens and walk-in master bedroom closets, are very obvious features that appeal to modern homebuyers. However, there are subtler features that homebuyers look for today. Here are some of those features, drawn from the National Association of Homebuilders’ list of most likely features found in new homes this year.

Front Porch

Ok, the presence of a front porch is usually not a subtle feature. However, the front porch is very much in demand and was listed as the 12th most likely feature to be included in a new home. But while most homes built today will have a front porch, none can match the appeal of a log home porch. While a conventional home porch can look like an afterthought, the log home porch looks like an integral part of your home’s existence and adds instant utility and curb appeal.

Energy Efficiency

Low-E windows, Energy-star windows, and Energy-star appliances make up three of the top seven features that builders expect to find in new homes. Clearly, energy efficiency is at the forefront of homebuyers’ minds. Real Log Homes shine in this area, with their highly insulated roofs and log walls with their great thermal mass. Furthermore, our packages include Andersen Low-E windows, delivering the attractive and efficient windows homebuyers are looking for.

Ceiling Height

As we all know, the great room is one of the most in-demand rooms in modern home design, coming in at number four on this list. However, the height of the great room may not be as great as you believe. Tall ceilings are in demand, with nine-foot or greater first-floor ceilings coming in at fifth place on the in-demand list. Two-story great rooms, though, are not widely used, coming in as the fifth least likely feature.

It may seem odd that two-story great rooms are so uncommon, given the wide prevalence of cathedral ceilings in log home great rooms. We feel this is a reflection of the custom nature of log homes rather than an underlying unpopularity of high-ceilinged great rooms. Too often, conventional homes are built to a plan that tries to maximize square footage at the expense of quality design and construction. With a custom Real Log Home, your plan will be tailored to your wants and needs.

Whether you want a great room that is expansive or cozy, or a wrap-around porch to no porch at all, a custom REAL Log Home will get all the little details right. If you’re interested in a REAL Log Home of your own, please call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.

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