Little Luxuries for the Log Home

Little Luxuries for the Log Home

When ending a long and stressful day, your log home should be a comforting place that helps you wind down and relax. Certainly there are particular amenities which can make relaxing at the end of the day so much more enjoyable. However, it can be a strain on the budget to install a Jacuzzi or home movie theater. If you’re looking for ways to add to your home’s comfort without breaking the bank, here are some ideas for little luxuries to buy for the log home.

A New Shower Head

​While a bathroom remodel might not be in the budget, a new showerhead is an inexpensive way to make your bathing experience more relaxing and rejuvenating. Whether you like the downpour that a rain shower head provides or want a detachable showerhead for added convenience, these upgrades are a quick way to add a touch of luxury to the bath. Or you can choose a massaging shower head for a spa like experience. Best of all, shower heads typically cost well under $100, making them a very affordable upgrade for your home.

Wine Fridge

If you drink a lot of wine, then a wine fridge in the kitchen can add a great deal of convenience. Models start at only a few hundred dollars, and can be had as standalone or under cabinet models. The trim can be wood tone, black or stainless to match your other appliances, and can feature a glass front to showcase your collection. Higher-end models feature multiple temperature zones, so that each wine style is ready at its ideal serving temperature. Nothing is better for relaxing at the end of a long day than a perfectly chilled bottle of wine.

Heated Bathroom Floor

​Radiant heating is a very popular choice for new homes, but it is prohibitively expensive to add as a feature in existing construction. For a small space, however, electric heated floors can be added with relative ease. If you are redoing the floor in your bathroom, this is a perfect opportunity to add heated floors in a room that greatly benefits from it. It costs less than $500 to add radiant heat to a room the size of a typical bathroom, and will be a greatly appreciated feature by your bare feet.

A New Mattress

​While a new mattress may cost you $1000 or more, this is a relative bargain for the amount of time you use it. If you keep your mattress for a decade, this expense works out to about 27 cents per night. If your old mattress is worn out or uncomfortable, replacing it with a new one can greatly increase the quality of your sleep and thus lifestyle. Consider the purchase an investment in your well-being, and remember that you will spend almost a third of your life on your mattress!

If you have any questions on how to make your log home feel like a little slice of luxury, please call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.  Their expert team has years of experience in creating the perfect balance between rugged log home charm, and the creature comforts of a modern luxury home.

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