Log Home Inspired Holiday Shopping

Log Home Inspired Holiday Shopping

Last week, we covered some traditional as well as new ways of preparing your Thanksgiving Day meals. Naturally, immediately after Thanksgiving Thursday comes Black Friday, which has been the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005. While many of you have begun your holiday shopping already, usually retailers offer big discounts on certain items on Black Friday in order to drive sales. While you could venture out to do your shopping on Black Friday, here are a few reasons we think your shopping might best be done from within the log home.

One reason to shop online from the log home is to avoid the headaches of in-person shopping on such a hectic day. The National Retail Federation estimates that around 250 million people will go shopping over Thanksgiving weekend. Even though many people have the day off, this can cause stores to be quite crowded and hectic. It can also cause traffic issues on the roads. Here in New England, we always seem to get sizable snow over the holiday. With fewer snowplows out due to the holiday, the weather can cause an even bigger mess on the roads.

In contrast, online shopping from the log home is quite the relaxed affair. You need not even get out of your pajamas or wander far from the woodstove to get your holiday shopping done. Of course, if you need a bit of privacy while buying items for your family, you could retire to your log home office. Perhaps you may even need to use the private browsing feature on your web browser if you have any particularly prying eyes in your household. In any case, you can enjoy all the comforts of the log home while having a stress-free shopping experience.

Your log home may not only provide comfort during your shopping experience, but also inspiration as well. The aesthetics of a room can greatly influence how you feel and think. Natural settings, and forests in particular, have been found to positively influence mood and thought. Studies have shown that natural environments can reduce stress and forest settings can help improve memory. Living in a log home is a great way to bring nature inside and help stimulate your mind. Shopping from your log home, you can better think of a gift for that tricky someone without even changing out of your slippers.

Now, if you want to go out and shop in person on Black Friday (or Small Business Saturday), by all means do so. But we think you’ll agree that having a log home to come home to would make the experience all the more pleasant. If you’re looking for a partner in building that log home, please call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.

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