Log Home Kitchen Design with Everything

Log Home Kitchen Design with Everything

While we covered energy-efficient major appliances last week, the kitchen sink is also a feature in your home you might consider updating. Sinks and faucets of the past were focused more on function with little concern for appearances and comfort. If your kitchen needs a little freshening up, then a simple, inexpensive update to the sink and faucet may be what your log home needs. Here are a few ways to update your sink and faucet without breaking the bank.

Add Rustic Style with an Apron Sink

One style of sink that has made a large comeback in recent years is the apron sink. These sinks are so named because they have an apron that covers the fascia in front of the sink, rather than the sink being set back on the countertop. The farmhouse-style sink is an apron sink with only one, large basin. While multiple wash basins were help in washing dishes in years past, the modern prevalence of dishwashing machines makes a large single basin a desirable feature (think of those big tasks like washing the whole turkey or cleaning out the pot from the clam bake). An apron sink is also helpful since its basin sits closer to the user, making the sink easier to use.

Install a Touch-On or Touchless Faucet

​Traditional sinks require one to turn a handle or mixer to start the water flow. While this is a functional and inexpensive design, touching the faucet with dirty hands is a great way to spread germs. While touchless, sensor-activated faucets have been available in commercial facilities for years, they are just now becoming commonplace in the home. Another type of sink, the touch-on variety, uses an electrical sensor so they can be turned on when touched by a forearm. Either of these faucets will help reduce the spread of germs while still offering a mixer knob to adjust the water temperature.  Older mechanical options also include sinks that can be turned on via a foot pedal.

Increase Safety with LED Faucets

​While most modern sink updates are focused on convenience and style, upgrades can also enhance safety. New faucets can have multi-color light-emitting diodes (LEDs) built into them, which change color from blue to red with the temperature of the water exiting the faucet. Although this feature can add an interesting aesthetic to the sink, it can also help prevent you from injuring yourself by using water that is too warm for hand washing.

When you think about it, the kitchen sink is an item you’ll use almost every day in your log home.  So, what style or features would you pick?  Does the idea of an LED sink seem like a good fit for you, or do you prefer the old, rustic charm of a big and classic farmhouse sink?  Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.  If you’re interested in designing a log home of your own, right down to the kitchen sink, call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.

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