Opening a Log Home for the Summer

Opening a Log Home for the Summer

Memorial Day is merely a week away, and with it comes the unofficial start of summer. Like many of our clients, you may have a Real Log Home dedicated for summer use. Whether you have a small cottage on the lake or a grandiose retreat in the mountains, opening a summer home for the season can require a fair bit of work. Here are some tips to help you get your vacation home opened quickly so you can stop working and start relaxing.

Reverse Last Year’s Closing List

Farmers Porch

When you closed your summer home for the season last year, hopefully you made a list of everything you shut off before you left. (If not, this year is a great time to start!) When going through your list, you will want to turn on the main power to your home first, if it did not remain so through the winter. If you cut the breakers for lighting and outlets you can close them again, as well as most appliances. Some water heaters may need to have water provided before you turn their power back on, check your model’s instructions. You should also turn the gas and water service back on, if necessary. Make sure to bleed the air out of all the faucets before guests arrive!

Stock the Bathrooms and Kitchens

Log Home Bathroom

With all the activities you do to open your house, the bathroom might get neglected until someone needs to use it. It’s therefore a good idea to make stocking the bathroom with soap, towels and toilet paper a high priority on your to do list. The kitchen is also a high priority, since you will want to load any perishable food into the refrigerator or freezer as soon as you restore power.

Replace Smoke/CO Detector Batteries

The traditional advice on smoke detector batteries is to replace them when daylight saving time begins or ends, but if you are opening a summer home you may not be present at that time. Opening is a great time to replace these batteries and provide you piece of mind throughout the summer season.

Remove Debris from Roof and Foundation

log home with metal roof

With the wild winter weather your summer home endured in your absence, there may be a great deal of debris around the house. If you can safely do so, clean the debris off of the roof, and also clean anything that might be clogging your gutters. It is also a good idea to remove debris from around the foundation, to help protect your log home’s exterior. The start of the season is also a great time to perform spring maintenance.

Clean Your AC System

It’s a great idea to replace your furnace filters now, so that your AC system can circulate clean air throughout the season. In order to keep your system running efficiently, remove any debris from the condenser coils and consider washing them with water to remove any dirt and help promote airflow.

Log Home Covered Porch

Of course, the final step is to kick back and relax in your log home getaway and enjoy the natural surroundings and peaceful setting.  We forgot to mention that one of the most popular first priorities on the checklist is to stock the fridge with some cold refreshments.  Whether you enjoy beer, wine, sweet tea or soda, you’ll want to sip on something cool and treat yourself.

If you have any questions about the log homes shown here or would like to learn more about building your own log home or cabin, please call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.  Cheers to the summer!

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