Popular Design Elements Found in Log Homes

Popular Design Elements Found in Log Homes

Every year, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) releases a series of studies about how homes being built today are designed. By polling over 500 prominent architecture firms, these surveys provide a great insight into the features that American homebuyers are interested in. The survey from Q3 2016 was about community design and reveals interesting preferences in home design that have great overlap with log homes.

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The survey ranks features by subtracting the percentage of respondents that say the prevalence of a feature is decreasing from those that say it is increasing. In this way, the numbers are very similar to a “net approval rating” that you see most often in political polls. By this calculation, the style that has the highest popularity in new homes is “contemporary home styles” with 43 percent net popularity. While this is not a style frequently associated with log homes, contemporary log homes are a popular choice and combine all the great features of a log home with the conveniences of modern design.

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The next most in-demand style is definitely associated with log homes. A net of 40 percent say that front or side porches are increasing in popularity. The porch is an iconic feature of the log home, and front, side or wraparound designs are all prevalent. We think that no porch looks better than a log home porch, and if you have a look around our picture gallery we’re sure you’ll agree!

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The next most common design trend, at 35 percent net, was towards smaller homes with more emphasis on style than size. The log home is uniquely positioned to excel as a smaller home. Since the interior walls are not load-bearing, a log home is easily designed in the open floor plan that works so well in a smaller home. Without unnecessary walls and hallways, more of the home can be dedicated to space in the home that is actually used.

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Rounding out the top five trends are a desire for single-story homes and simper exterior details. Again, the log home is a great choice for these trends, with many great single-story floor plans possible. Whether your plans call for a strict single-story or you want a loft space above, log homes look great and avoid the rambling look of many conventional ranch houses. Our six log-profile choices also allow you to customize the level of exterior detail to your personal preference.

We hope you agree that a Real Log Home can satisfy all the design elements demanded by modern homebuyers. If you’d like, you can read the AIA report here. You can also call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information!

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