A Tale of Two Real Log Homes

A Tale of Two Real Log Homes

One of the first dates Tim and Michelle Holliday went on was to the New York State Fair. While there, they saw a small log home that a vendor had assembled for demonstration. Tim remarked that he would build a log home one day. Today, over twenty years after building their first Real Log Home, the Hollidays’ changing circumstances have brought them back to Real Log Homes for their second. Here is the story of their two homes.

The first home was built in California, Tim’s home state. This home needed to not only work for the Hollidays and their growing family, but also for Tim’s mother and grandmother. The plan they selected from a magazine advertisement is essentially a larger version of our standard Brewster plan. At 2432 square feet plus garage, this large ranch was an ideal choice. The single floor living arrangements made getting around easy for less mobile family members, while the spacious separate living and family rooms assured everyone could have their own space.

While their first log home had served them well, after 9 years the Hollidays decided to move to back to New York to be closer to Michelle’s mother. After spending 7 years living in New York, Michelle’s mom passed away (at age 96) and the Hollidays inherited the farmland that had been in her family since the 1800’s. Now, they were looking to build a new log home, and their great previous experience with Real Log Homes has led to a great second experience.

While the new log home is different in several respects from the first home, it also has some similar features. Since the children have grown, the new home is a bit smaller (2110 square feet) since it only needs to accommodate a master suite plus one guest bedroom, instead of the first home’s four bedrooms. However, the new home is also a ranch style, perfect for a “forever home.”

The new home features one great room instead of a split family and living room, but also gains a substantial office just off the great room. The new home also keeps the formal dining room, but its size has grown almost 50 percent, making it easier to use when full of guests. The previous kitchen had an adjacent breakfast nook, while the new home instead utilizes bar seating off the kitchen peninsula. Finally, the new master bedroom gains a walk-in closet, which wasn’t possible at the old home.

These homes are a great example of how Real Log Homes was able to build for a family’s changing needs, on either end of the country. Whatever you’re looking for in a home and wherever you’re looking to build, we’re sure we can build the right log home for your family too. Please call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.

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