Television Ergonomics and the Log Home

Television Ergonomics and the Log Home

The days are growing shorter and the start of football season is upon us so we likely will soon be spending more free time inside the home than out. And while none of us want to admit to being couch potatoes, the average American watches around three hours of television a day. Since this activity occupies a large amount of our time, it is best to make the watching experience a comfortable one. In the log home, there are some logistical issues that make planning a TV viewing area more of a challenge than other homes. Here are some suggestions on planning your space.


As a general rule, a television should be mounted with its center at the same height as your head while seated. If you have residents of varying heights, then it is more comfortable to look down a bit at the television than up. However, if you have toddlers, mounting the television a bit higher may help maintain an unobstructed view from children playing in front of the television.

Although this seems like a simple rule to follow, the prevalence of fireplaces in the log home living space can make TV placement tricky. The fireplace is often the focal point of the room, and homeowners are tempted to mount the TV above the fireplace to keep it at the focal point as well. This should be a last resort, since the television will be far too high. Instead, consider mounting the TV to the side of the fireplace or defining separate fireplace and TV areas. If you are currently designing a log home, our designers can work with you to make a living space that works for both television viewing and hosting comfy fires.


​For general TV watching, the built-in speakers may be sufficient for your needs. However, if you enjoy watching movies then a surround sound system can be a must have item. It is easiest to install the wires for remote speakers when the room is first constructed (especially in log walls), but they can be added later if desired. If you do not want to run speaker wires, then a soundbar below the television can mimic surround sound with a more compact format. In any event, you should use textiles like area rugs to dampen sound reflections in the viewing area.

Size and Resolution

​Television manufacturers will always try to convince you to buy a new set, but most features introduced in the last few years are of limited value to the average viewer. Cinema experts will tell you that your screen should fill 40 percent of your field of vision, meaning that if you sit 10 feet from the screen it would need to be 90 inches across. For most casual viewers, whatever size screen fits in your space will suffice. Also, higher resolution sets (like 4k) are not needed for most viewers. For example, if you sit only 5 feet from a 40-inch screen, you still do not need more resolution than a common 1080p TV provides.

So, are you all set and ready for the start of football season?  Let us know what team you’ll be cheering for this season by leaving a comment on this post.  And, if you have any questions about designing and building a log home complete with the perfectly laid out TV viewing space, then call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information.

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