Real Log Home

A Log House Upon a Hill

When prospective homebuyers look for a new home, they usually have a primary purpose in mind for the dwelling.  Some are looking for a main residence, for example, while others are looking for a vacation retreat. Often, homebuyers want something that will suit them now as well as in their future retirement. This home, designed for a site in Vermont, had to serve all these purposes - to currently function as a retreat while also being suitable as a retirement home. Let’s look at what makes this Real Log Home tick.

Homepath™: Materials and Manufacturing

Last week, we introduced you to Real Log Homes’ Homepath™ system for guiding you through the building of your log home. Homepath™ consists of five parts of the log home building process that matter the most – Design, Materials, Manufacturing, Construction and Support. Last week, we concentrated on Design since it is important in the initial phases of the build. However, a home’s design would be worthless if it did not incorporate top-quality Materials and Manufacturing processes. Here are some of the ways that the Homepath™ system ensures excellence in Materials and Manufacturing.

Choosing Your Log Wood Species

We have talked at length about log profiles, wood floor choices, and even which wood species makes the best firewood, but have not addressed choosing a wood species for your log home. If you have your heart set on a particular species of wood, then we are happy to work with you to make your request work. However, our standard wood species are eastern white pine and western red cedar, and most of our clients choose one of these two species. Here are some of the advantages that make these two species our most popular.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Real Log Style

normal rockwell thanksgivingThanksgiving conjures many images in the minds of Americans.  From the traditional nostalgia embodied by Norman Rockwell to the sweet tastes of fresh baked delights so vivid your mouth starts to water any time you think upon it, these are the images and the spirit of Thanksgiving.  This is the time of year that log homes were made for.  And, to help celebrate one of our most cherished and most American of holiday

A Warm Welcome Home

A farmer's porch is simply an open, street facing porch with a covered deck. It’s a warm welcome regardless if the house is in the mountains of Colorado or the trees of Oregon. Farmer's porches lend themselves to be appreciated by home owners in all different styles of Log Homes.

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