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Planning a Log Home: The Conclusion

Sixteen months ago, we presented you a series on the steps that went into planning a small log cabin in Vermont. Posts chronicled the initial program (read post) that defined the early planning stages and the evolution of the design (read post) from concept to final plan. We had always planned to show you images of the finished cabin, but could not take pictures before the winter set in. This fall we were able to have photographs taken of the cabin, so let’s take a look!

Saltbox Log Homes

Previously on this blog, we’ve discussed the defining features of log home styles such as ranches, farmhouses, lodges and chalets. These styles all rank among the most common log home styles across the country and world. Today, we will consider the saltbox style. This style, named for its resemblance to an old style of box in which salt was kept, is very common in New England for timber frame buildings yet relatively rare for log homes.

Gambrel Roof Log Homes

Most log homes, as well as conventional homes in the United States, are built with a gabled roof. While the gable roof is simple, it does have a number of drawbacks like a lack of usable space under the roof. In contrast, the gambrel roof is a unique style of roof that addresses many of the issues with gable roofs.

Bringing Curves to the Log Home

In buildings, rectilinear designs are by far the most common. This is primarily due to costs, since it is much cheaper to build a straight feature than a curved one. However, curved features are nice to have since they can be very visually pleasing. But how do you incorporate curved features into a log home, which is built from straight timbers? We feel that this Hinesburg, VT Real Log home offers many great examples of how to use curved design elements in the log home.

Front Doors That Make a Statement

Two weeks ago, we discussed the important impression that your entryway will create on your guests. While this first room of the house is indeed important for first impressions, your guests will of course first encounter your front door. As such, the front door can help set the mood for the entire house. While a front door is usually chosen to accentuate the features of a log home, sometimes the door instead serves to contrast with the home's design. Here are a few examples of front door choices and their effect on the home.  

Why Do We Move?

For existing homeowners, there are many factors that can create the desire to move. Although job relocation may seem like the most common reason to move, this is actually only the leading cause of moves amongst sellers between the ages of 45 and 54. In 2013, the National Association of Realtors took a survey on reasons why homeowners were considering a move. Here were the most common responses.

The Entryway: Making an Impression

Oftentimes we talk about curb appeal and the great affect it has on visitors’ impressions of your home. While the exterior design does have a lasting impact on how the home is perceived, the interior first impressions are also very important. The view that your guests have from your entryway will set their expectations for the home, and will also affect your experience as a homeowner. Here are a few homes with different types of entryways.

Can a Log Home Be a Cottage?

When you hear the word cottage, a log home may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Most Americans may picture a half-timbered building with a thatched roof, which is the quintessential English cottage. However, the word cottage has many different meanings throughout the world, and most of them work perfectly with log home construction.

Deck Design for Sloped Lots

Like a fireplace on the inside, no log home seems complete without a deck or porch. Since the deck is such a prominent feature on the outside of the home, it can define the home’s appearance. This is especially true on sloped lots. When the lot slopes away from the rear of the home, the deck becomes an even more prominent feature. Here are a few topics to consider in order to get the perfect elevated deck.

Bright Décor Choices for Winter

While the cold winter weather outside can be taxing, the interior of a log home is always a wonderful place to be. The log walls have warming effect, both from their natural appearance and due to their thermal mass. And what better place to spend a cold winter night than in front of a log home fireplace! Even with these great attributes, there are a few décor choices you can make during winter that will keep your log home feeling bright and warm throughout the winter season. Here are a few of our favorite choices.


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