Natural Lighting in a Ranch Log Home

While the Ranch home has waxed and waned in popularity for conventional homes throughout the years, it has always been a popular choice for log homes. Certain features of ranch homes, like their open floor plans and large eaves, are a perfect fit with log homes. Yet the long and low roofline poses a challenge for getting natural light into a log ranch home just the same as any ranch home. Here a few ways to get plenty of natural light into the log ranch while maintaining the classic style.

Saltbox Log Homes

Previously on this blog, we’ve discussed the defining features of log home styles such as ranches, farmhouses, lodges and chalets. These styles all rank among the most common log home styles across the country and world. Today, we will consider the saltbox style. This style, named for its resemblance to an old style of box in which salt was kept, is very common in New England for timber frame buildings yet relatively rare for log homes.

Skylights for Your Log Home

log home dining room with bright blue rugSkylights are a wonderful way to let more natural light into your log home. They are much more efficient at allowing light into the home than wall-mounted windows, and the natural light they admit has been shown to have positive psychological effects and lead to increased productivity.

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