Custom Front Doors for Log Homes

Custom Front Doors for Log Homes

First impressions are not only powerful, but long lasting.  When someone comes to visit your log home for the first time, your front door will play a big part in forming the first impression, so, there is a lot of pressure to get it right. Real Log Homes offers Therma-Tru exterior doors as part of our typical package and although they have many great styles to choose from, a lot of our clients choose to have something more custom for their front entry. Luckily, there are a lot of great craftsman across the country who can provide more custom options for log home owners.  We’ve chosen some different styles that our clients selected for their homes.  Enjoy!

Craftsman Double Door

The log home front door (or rather doors) shown above are a beautiful addition to this log home.  A double door makes a big impact, and can also help to differentiate the main entrance from other entrances like mudrooms.  It’s also very useful for moving large pieces of furniture in and out of the home.  To distinguish which door guests should open, you can opt to put an exterior handle on only one of the doors.

Old World Rustic Front Door

old world rustic front door of log home

This log home, built in Colfax, CA, has an old world rustic front door.  The iron cage covers what is referred to as a ‘speakeasy.’  This small operable door allows you to speak to someone outside without having to open the door.  It’s a fun historic detail that harkons back to the castles and abbeys of old Europe.

Divided Lite Glass Front Door

divided lite front door on a log home

The front door shown above is actually a “Simulated Divided Lite” (SDL) door.  It is a relatively new option when looking for French and Sash doors.  The single glass unit provides for better energy efficiency while maintaining the appearance of a true divided multi-lite door.  While this type of door lets a lot of light in, it can also be a privacy concern for those who live in a high visibility log home.  This is definitely a better choice for isolated homes that won’t have passers by peaking in.

Painted Door with Sidelites

green log home front door under front porch

Beyond the standard wood front door, a painted, or colored fiberglass front door is also a nice option for log homes.  It can help to provide some nice contrast with the wood color of the logs.  The log home above has a green front door which matches the green color of roof shingle.  The front door has sidelites on either side of the door to help let in more light.

Custom Carved Front Doors

carved wood front door with pine tree nature scene

One final style of front door is the custom carved front door.  This door, shown above, has a beautiful nature motif with pines and birches.  It is a great choice for a lakeside log home getaway, or even a small log cabin in the woods. If you choose a front door like this for your log home, be sure that you protect it from the direct sun by only using it under a porch or overhang, or by re-applying a protective finish every few years.  A door like this is something you’ll want to keep for a long time to come. We’d love to hear which style of front door is your favorite. Call Real Log Homes today or fill out the form below for more information!

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