Modern Style Small Log Home

We love log homes, but even we can admit that it is possible to over-do logs.  When the walls, ceilings and floors are all logs or wood, it might not always be the best idea to use overly woodsy or rustic log furniture on top of all that.  In fact, a home with a lot of wood in the architecture is a great canvas for showcasing contrasting styles and textures.  This home below is one of my favorite log homes when it comes to decorating with contrasting styles.  In this case, the home is a small log home decorated with an eclectic modern style.

This small log home uses modern furniture with the right scale to fit the limited square footage.  The tone of the log walls and ceiling joists is a blonde color, and the homeowners chose to contrast with those tones by introducing dark chocolate colored furniture and pops of bright green.  The look is clean, modern and inviting.

Modern log home living and dining room

The chocolate color of the leather living room furniture is mirrored in the dining area.  I absolutely love the square green rug under the coffee table.  It’s just the right size for the space and adds such a fun and fresh feel. (Note the fireplace is a gas burning insert – vote for your favorite fire fixture in our poll on the right of the blog.)

Modern log home dining room

Crystals in a log home?  Why not?  This simple, understated log home light fixture adds a light and airy whimsy without looking cluttered or overpowering the small log home.  I would argue that this log home dining room lighting works just as well as any old antler chandelier.  Of course, that’s not to say that antler chandeliers don’t work, but sometimes it’s just fun to do something different.

Modern log home kitchen

The fun, vivid green color is carried through to the modern log home kitchen.  While crystal details in the dining area provide nice contrast with the wood, in the kitchen the look of metal is the highlight.  Stainless steel appliances, hardware and faucet all stand out so beautifully surrounded by the warm wood tones.

Small log home modern bathroom

The half bathroom on the first floor of this small log home shows you can fit a lot of style into a small bathroom.  The room is accented with another bright citrus shade, this time vivid orange.  The modern sink is both stylish and a real space saver.

Modern log home stair way

The staircase that leads from the main floor to the basement is open and airy to let an abundance of light illuminate the stairs.  That’s not only a smart and safe design, but the look is polished, clean and airy.  The space is delineated by another shift of color, this time to a deep aqua.  In a small log home like this one, it’s a great idea to show division between spaces with color changes instead of space eating walls or bulky furniture.  So, while this not-so-big log home may embrace modern decor, it’s still a warm and inviting home and a real log home at heart.  For ideas on small pieces to add a modern flair to your home, or a place to source modern furniture pieces, visit Crate and Barrel.


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