Log Homes Across the Country (and the World)

There are a lot of ideas that pop up in peoples’ minds when they hear someone mention a log home.  It’s true that many people associate log homes with northern climates in rural areas.  And while we, as a New England based company, do agree that log homes are a perfect fit for our region, we also know that log homes can be built in any part of the country – even the world.  Here are some of our favorite examples on how log homes are a great choice for any region.


This stunning log home has a truly grand exterior.  Details on the home such as the front door, and exterior lighting, exudes a mission style which is a fitting choice for a California log home.


oklahoma log home

This log home was built on Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees to serve as a gathering place for the whole family.  The sloping site and access to the lake give this log home a real draw.  It was built in a popular development and is right at home next to the other traditional homes (but with much more character).


wisconsin log home

The log home above was custom designed and features Swedish Cope logs. The large overhangs and logs give this home a very western feel. Greeted by a friendly, custom carved bear pillar this home is friendly and functional.


Lookout Mountain

Log homes are just as at home in the South as they are in other regions.  This log home shown above is a great example.  It has many classic log home elements such a stone chimney and lots of windows.


italian log home

Log homes are at home across the world.  The log home above is a great example of how log homes can be designed to blend well with any region’s architectural norms.


Japanese log home

Real Log Homes are even at home in Japan.  The traditional building techniques and natural aesthetic are a perfect fit.  You can see how this Japanese log home has been designed with clean lines and showcases simple and restful decor:

Japanese log home interior

We hope you’ve enjoyed this global tour of all the places a REAL™ Log Home is so nice to come home to.  Did we miss your region?  Are you hungry for more photos?  Leave us a comment and let us know.  We’d be happy to showcase your region too.

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